Nvidia jetson xaiver nx display command not giving output

When we run display related command on nvidia(xrandr,echo $DISPLAY etc)
it says “Can’t open display”, (Display is attached to nvidia through DP port).

Where do you type this command? The tty console on monitor or the terminal from remote access?

Have you tried DISPLAY=:1?

Hi @WayneWWW
I used to type this command on tty console .Its says “Can’t open display”
Actually I need to know how many displays are connected,so is there any other method (commands) which give no of displays


Are you able to see the ubuntu desktop on your monitor? If you disable desktop, then X will not initiate so xrandr will not work.

xrandr,echo $DISPLAY all display related commands are working fine in GUI


I also cannot understand one point here.

Why do you mention “echo $DISPLAY” gives you error? This command just tries to print the variable. The system does not know it has anything to do with the display. It is just a string.

I need to know how many displays are connected through Nvidia using tty console ,so can you please suggest me the way ?

You can also check how many fb nodes are there under /dev/.

or you can type

sudo -s
cd /sys/kernel/debug/

and check how many tegradc.x are there.

Also, we cannot reproduce your problem because our console can see xrandr result even when we use remote access. That is what I concern.

Hi @WayneWWW
Can you Please suggest any other way(apart from xrandr) through which we can do Display mirroring/extention/Off


Without X11, what you saw is called fbcon. That one has only limited functionality.


Thus, I don’t think mirroring and extend could be achieved.

As for “off”, just blank the screen by

cd /sys/class/graphics/fbX
echo 1 > blank