Nvidia jetson xavier agx black screen after reboot

When I entered the nvidia-smi command, the file was not found, so I installed the nvidia driver and rebooted it.
I entered the reboot command at Ubuntu Terminal, but the screen went off and didn’t turn on again.

Have your devcie been flashed before?
If not, please directly flash your board with sdkmanager.

Hello, can you please tell me how to flash with sdkmanager ?
When I turn on the nvidia, the screen is totally black
I am beginner with nvidia

You need to prepare a x86/x64 ubuntu host and install sdkmanager on it. Connect the type C usb port on your jetson.
Put your jetson into recovery mode. And host will be able to install OS back to your jetson again.

We call it flashing jetson with sdkmanager.

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