NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER DEVELOPER KIT network cannot be connected, and Ethernet and WLAN cannot be found

When I made a remote desktop connection to it, I found that I could not establish a network connection with it, which had been fine until then. After many attempts, it was found that the network configuration option in system Settings had disappeared, and eth0 could not be found when the terminal typed “ifconfig”

Is this caused by an Ethernet driver problem or external damage to the device?Thank you. Please help me

Not sure what have been done in this period to cause this problem, suggest to reflash the device to see if issue still present.

Does Jetson use USB to connect to another Ubuntu host, then install SDkManager, and do configuration swipes on it? It’s my first time. Sorry

Download NVIDIA SDK Manager

Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.

NVIDIA SDK Manager can be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 to flash Jetson with JetPack

See also: Jetson TX2 Developer Kit User Guide

However, Jetson does not have a network. When I was swiping, step 3 reminded me that I could not establish SSH service with Jetson device.

This is my Ubuntu host with SDKmanager, which is used to refresh jetson devices

Not an answer, but some details might be useful to know: During flash the Jetson must be in recovery mode, and no network is required (it does use USB). Once flash completes the Jetson will automatically reboot to Linux for first account setup. Once this is booted networking is indeed used for various extra packages to be installed. One network which is possible is a virtual ethernet over USB, which is available as address if it works. If there is no network, then flash itself will still complete, but options like CUDA will be missing.

If there is an issue with network devices not showing up, then you need a serial console boot log since it shows what goes on prior to Linux itself loading.

Thank you for your valuable advice. Usb now connects to Jetson devices, but I get an error when I click the “Flash” button

Thank you for your valuable advice.
Do Jetson devices have a choice of EMMC or SD card boot?

Hi Andyyyyy,

Please try flash by manual setup like below:
(Put device into recovery mode by manually)

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