Nvidia jetson xavier nx sound card driver porting

Hello, the knowledge I have now is not enough to complete the nvidia jetson xavier nx sound card driver transplantation. How do I learn to complete this work? I don’t mind it will take a long time. I have read the Linux Asoc subsystem docs and developer guide. I originally studied single-chip microcomputer, and just switched to linux driver. Do you have any examples of successful transplantation? Let me see the code. Many things mentioned in the documentation I can’t find their place in the code. Any help on this point will be appreciated.

Hi a1393930841,

As our suggestions at below links, all guidance are mentioned at the L4T doc:

May I know what’s the code your can find?


Another useful resource are the following forum threads where users have done exactly what you are attempting. These maybe useful references for audio codec porting …

  1. TLV320AIC3120
  2. TLV320AIC32x4
  3. Adafruit I2S 3W Stereo Speaker Bonnet
  4. RT5640

Regardless of the Jetson platform, the process is very much the same.