NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX with Action Camera


I am developing an autonomous drone using NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX. I’m going to choose a camera for my drone, but I have some unanswered questions. Since it is a dynamic system and I cannot use a gimbal, the camera will be subject to a lot of vibration, so I decided to use an action camera with stabilized modes. I chose this camera as DJI Osmo Action and I want to connect this camera with usb and use it with jetson. But in order to use action cameras as webcams or usb cameras in this way, middleware, for example, DJI MIMO program for DJI must be installed. How do I use or use the action camera with Jetson?

Note: I used a CSI camera and it is not my choice as it is not vibration resistant.

Thanks in advance.

We don’t have experience with MIMO program, you may google it or check DJI user guide to know how to use it.

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