Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX - working with specific/separated CPU

As I understand there are 6 CPUs in Xavier NX.
I noticed when my application running, all 6 CPUs are in work.
How can I set my application to work only of some of the CPUs, and run another application on one CPU.
For example, run my major application on 5 CPUs, and a minor application on the 6th remained CPU?
Moreover, if it is possible to do that, how can I communicate between major and minor application?

I develop over QT, if it is relevant.

Thank you in advance,

Please refer to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Clock Frequency and Power Management | NVIDIA Docs

What you might try is using a new config in extlinux setting isolcpus=5 on Linux boot cmdline, so that CPU5 won’t be scheduled by default, then you may be able to use it for dedicated sw with taskset.

Thanks for the reply, but I think this is not what I’m looking for.

I dont want to disable one of the CPUs.
I want to divide the working application to separate CPUs.
i.e. one application running on 5 CPUs, and the second application will run on the 6th core.

I don’t think that this would disable to 6th CPU, just put it apart from multicore scheduling, so that this core would only run the provided taskset.
Did you really try it ?