NVIDIA K80 tesla GPU PCI does not show up

Hi everyone,
I have installed a NVIDIA K80 Tesla GPU onto the PCI slot of a Power8 machine, model 8247-42L.
It running with Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS , and had install the driver found in the nvidia website.
That is, sudo apt install ./nvidia-driver-local-repo-ubuntu1604-384.66_1.0-1_ppc64el.deb
However, i could not see any pci information of nvidia in lshw or lspci.
Could this driver works ? Or did I install it wrongly ?
Thanks !

The output of lspci is independent of any driver installed. It should show the card even if no driver is installed at all. So if it doesn’t show up, the card is either broken or incorrectly installed. Reseat and check power connctors.

Thanks generix, there is really a missing power cable on the card. I will ask them to reinstall again.