NVidia.ko fails to load Redhat 6

I am trying to install an older driver on RHEL 6.7, v319.82. The installation appears to work fine. However, during the boot process, it appears to hang just after the certmonger phase.

The log indicates that the NVidia kernel driver fails to load. The messages reported:

NVRM: The NVIDIA probe routine was not called for 2 device(s).
NVRM: This can occur when a driver such as nouveau, rivafb,
NVRM: nvidiafb, or rivatv was loaded and obtained ownership of
NVRM: the NVIDIA device(s).

I rebooted to level 3 and blacklisted the nouveau driver. At the command prompt I enter “startx” and the driver loads and the desktop is displayed.

Is there a way to modify the boot configuration file to work-around this issue?

blacklisting nouveau may not be sufficient

It needs to be removed from the initrd image as well.

Read the installation guide:


That worked, thank you!