Nvidia license not getting acquired


I have the following configuration.

Windows 10 VDI, Xendeskop, Tesla M10 GM107GL
GRID M10-1b profile to all VDI’s

I have GRID PC and APP Licenses, but in the logs i see the message:

Failed to acquire/renew license from license server.Tue Feb 8 17:49:23 2022:<1>:Failed to acquire/renew license from license server. (Info: http://MGT.domain.local:7070/request; NVIDIA Virtual PC - Error: [1,7E2,2,1[7000000B,0,702C7]]
Requested feature was not found.)

Whats wrong? Wrong licenses?

Hope anyone can help me!


why not simply open a support ticket for your issue described? I’m sure the support can help to solve this.

Best regards