NVIDIA Linux Driver gives segmentation fault with too many args and can't find secret key

I’m on Fedora 35 workstation kernel:5.15.13-200.fc35.x86_64
when I try to start the installation with too many arguments such as:

nvidia-installer.run -a --dkms --module-signing-secret-key=NVIDIA.key --module-signing-public-key=NVIDIA.der

because of the length of the string of arguments, I get a segmentation error (core dumped) when it’s showing the dots when it’s extracting files

when I run it with less arguments it passes with no problem:

nvidia-installer.run --module-signing-secret-key=NVIDIA.key --module-signing-public-key=NVIDIA.der

but then during the installation “Building Kernel” I get this error log: error_log
and acts as if the NVIDIA.key isn’t even there

I double-checked everything and used relative and absolute paths for keys. it’s still giving me this error log.

I don’t know where to go from here. right now I’m using rpmfusion’s Nvidia Driver that doesn’t even sign nvidia-drm against kernel so I disabled secure boot.
But I need my secure boot on. so I can’t let it go until I successfully install NVIDIA Linux Drivers. I’ve already enrolled the keys to mokmanager and can also add the .der file to db on bios, I just need this installation to proceed. I don’t get where I went wrong…