Nvidia Linux Driver Request

I have a problem with my laptop trying to use Linux on very intensive GPU tasks (3D modelling, rendering, AI generative), it is useless on these tasks because after a short time the laptop gets a thermal shutdown at 81 Celsius degrees. The fan works fine, it starts working when temperature is rising and when laptop is hot, fan works at max. Ventilation slots are clean. Also, I have a dual boot. On Windows, the GPU works as expected with these demanding tasks. It slowdown at 73, 74 degrees and it sets at 74 degrees, I can work well in Windows, but in Linux it shutdowns.
This is not a bios issue, it is Nvidia Linux driver issue, because on Windows works perfectly fine
The problem is the current GPU slowdown temp, it is: 96 degrees, also maximum operating temperature is: 93 and shutdown temp is: 101. I got these values with nvidia-settings. I did a little research and I found that most new Nvidia GPUs can’t work with these temperatures, also my GPU can’t work, so I don’t understand why these values are so high, normally these values are under 80 degrees.
My request is the following: change slowdown temp to something like 73 or 74, max operating temp: 74 and shutdown temp: 81
My system is: Dell inspiron 3000 series, Geforce MX230, Ubuntu 20.04, Nvidia driver: 535 (up to date).
Thank you.