NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-535.54.03.run fails because of "error: implicit declaration of function 'sys_close'"

I’m trying to build the 535-54 driver on Debian 12, but get the error mentioned above. This seems to have been solved in version 460.67, but appears to have made a comeback in this version. Is there a workaround?

nvidia-installer.log (59.0 KB)

From the logs, its seem that you are compiling against the locally built v6.1 kernel and specified kernel-source-path. Normally we see such issue if there is some issue with Module.symvers file generated during kernel build. Can you please check if your Module.symvers is correct inside /usr/src/linux-source-6.1. Also, check if close_fd() is present in this Module.symvers. It should be in following format.

close_fd vmlinux EXPORT_SYMBOL

It seems you were right - the setup is that I am building a system image that will be booted via PXE on a number of servers, so I had installed the kernel source in the image, but didn’t build it. Now that I’ve done that, it works. Thanks a lot!

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