Nvidia MAC address can be used for second Ethernet port

Hi Team,
We are using Jetson AGX Orin with customized board with two ethernet interface. I have seen under “/proc/device-tree/chosen/” 10 unique MAC. Any one this can be used for our second ethernet port ?
=====terminal logs ================
nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ ls
board-has-eeprom linux,initrd-end linux,uefi-mmap-size nvidia,ether-mac nvidia,ether-mac3 nvidia,ether-mac7
bootargs linux,initrd-start linux,uefi-mmap-start nvidia,ether-mac0 nvidia,ether-mac4 nvidia,ether-mac8
ids linux,uefi-mmap-desc-size linux,uefi-system-table nvidia,ether-mac1 nvidia,ether-mac5 nvidia,ether-mac9
kaslr-seed linux,uefi-mmap-desc-ver name nvidia,ether-mac2 nvidia,ether-mac6 nvidia,sku


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The Ethernet MAC address must be unique within a Broadcast Domain. This means each Ethernet port that can be reached on layer 2 (an Ethernet Hub or a Packet Switch) must have a unique address. Ethernet port that are on different networks that are not connected via Ethernet switching (such as behind a routher) can share an address.

The Sun Sparcstation systems from the 90’s had a single mac address for all Ethernet ports. This was and still is legal as long as you don’t put two port into the same LAN (which doesn’t make any sense except for special cases as load balancing or trunking).


I agree but my question , Orin module has 10 number unique MAC.
Any MAC we can use for for secondary ethernet port ?

nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DBnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac0
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DBnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac1
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DCnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac2
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DDnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac3
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DEnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac4
48:B0:2D:94:D4:DFnvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac5
48:B0:2D:94:D4:E0nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac6
48:B0:2D:94:D4:E1nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac7
48:B0:2D:94:D4:E2nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac8
48:B0:2D:94:D4:E3nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/proc/device-tree/chosen$ cat nvidia,ether-mac9

Hi Team , any update ?

I would suggest check with your second ethernet vendor and see where they expect the mac to be read.

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