Nvidia Machinima Crashes Whenever I open

Hello there I recently install nvidia machinima in my computer the installation went smoothly I changed the installation location from C drive to E drive. After the installation whenever I open the program it crashes I can’t even see the main interface, it says not responding.
This is the Log File

launcher.log (21.5 KB)

other applications like unreal engine. blender, after effects runs smoothly.

Please Help me figure this out I want to create stunning animations.

Please Help Me

This is your launcher log, which certainly has some events in it that are worth looking into… but I’m curious how far you’re getting with Machinima itself. Once you click on Machinima Launch in the Launcher, do you see a window after some time appear with “Machinima” in the title bar of the window, and THEN it crashes? Or do you just get nothing happening when you click Launch?

Thanks for the help. Also, do appreciate this log, but you might look in C:/Users/anand/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Machinima/2021.1 for logs as well, and if you want to post the latest log you have in there, we might be able to find out even more info.

Thanks for your help and patience as we work through this! We want you creating stunning animations as well.


So The Launch Button, when I click it a window pops(no interface just a blank white screen) up and then just says not responding. I’m attaching a log file too.

kit_20210523_133312.log (154.6 KB)

This is the image of the software

PS: Thanks For the Support So Far

hey any updates on this

Im having this problem as well

did you fix it

unfortunately not, was hoping @relam could help us since this appears to be a decently common problem.

what graphics card do you have

Working on getting more information on this today, guys. I will keep you informed as I find out more.

The short of it is, @ai2020dental , your GTX 1050 is under minimum specifications for Machinima. You have two available GPUs according to your log, the GTX 1050 and your integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630. Neither of these are RTX-compatible, so they do not meet the Machinima Min-Spec listed in the launcher.

But I’m going further than that. NO MATTER WHAT, we should not crash. You should have gotten a friendly message telling you what the problem is, and suggestions on how to solve it – not a non-responsive window and a Crash To Desktop. We will make it a better experience, and thank you very much for your help.