nvidia main problems on latest linux kernel (5.4.13)

my hardware:
XPS15 9570 (gtx1050ti max q)

my software:
Arch linux with 5.4.13 kernel and 440.44 driver

there are two main problems that make the nvidia drivers completely unusable:

problem 1) bugged powerstate management. Basically if the laptop goes in sleep mode it isn’t going to wake up again until I keep the power button pressed to force turn off.
this is a problem I observed from linux kernel 5.3.11 or older with nvidia driver 435.22 or older.
If I roll back to linux kernel 5.3.10 and nvidia driver 435.21 everything seems to work fine except for problem 2

problem 2) continuous interrupts being sent to one of the cpu cores making it stay constant at 100% usage by the kernel. The spammer process seems to be “IR-IO-APIC 16-fasteoi nvidia, idma64.0, i801_smbus, i2c_designware.0”. This problem appeared out of nowhere a few days ago so I don’t really know what causes this and rolling back kernel and drivers doesn’t solve anything.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (800 KB)