NVIDIA Management Library

Where can I find the documentation for the function nvmlDeviceGetComputeRunningProcesses from the NVIDIA Management Library? It is not covered by http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/DevZone/NVML/doxygen/index.html This function is called by nvidia-smi. I would like to use it in my own utilities, too.

Hello Heiko,

NVML SDK will be first available for registered developers in CUDA 4.1 RC1 time frame.

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Przemyslaw Zych

Hey Heiko,

CUDA 4.1 RC2 is now available to the public:

Consider updating to the latest r285 developer drivers from the CUDA 4.1 page.

The header files for NVML are linked from the NVIDIA Management Library developer page:

Download link:

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Also, for reference, we have a direct link to the NVML API reference, updated for the new features added with the CUDA 4.1 release candidate’s developer display driver.