Nvidia Mib

I’m trying to use the SNMP protocol to create a web-based monitoring interface. All the things that we want to monitor using this protocol require MIBs. For instance, if you search on Google, you can find MIBs such as HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, which can help us determine CPU and memory usage on a PC. To monitor GPU usage, we need to have the MIB for our graphics card. In our case, all of our PCs have NVIDIA graphics cards, but we haven’t been able to find the MIB for NVIDIA. Can you help us find it? Thank you.

Hello @rafaelaviladelgado and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

NVIDIA GPUs are not exactly networked devices and as such don’t have dedicated MIB files.

To get specific GPU information you will need to go through the OS services and create your own SNMP MIB extension that sends this data to your server. You can use for example nvidia-smito monitor this data or use some open source library that already implements SNMP wrappers for this or similar tools.