Nvidia Now Rocket League Development

I’m writing this topic not as myself, but instead as the general gaming population of Nvidia Now users, who play rocket league. Epic Games just joined in on the modding development of Rocket League along with Steam who has been involved for many many years.

Inside Rocket League with steam, there has been a training mod known as Bakkesmod for many years. Bakkesmod itself has a full development team behind it, constantly updating and tweaking it to perfection.

As of today, Epic Games and Bakkesmod have released an Epic Games version that allows users to now use Bakkesmod without having to own the game through steam, which is no longer possible since the Free-to-Play Update released, removing Rocket League(RL) from Steam. So, if you didn’t already have RL on Steam before the update, you could no longer get it, and therefore use Bakkesmod. Until ofcourse, the update today.

Nvidia Now supports both Steam and Epic Games versions of RL. This being said, it isn’t possible to use Bakkesmod on neither version through Nvidia Now.

Bakkesmod is a very important part of the game. Pros use it. New comers use it. & everyone in between, which is why Epic Games worked with the dev team behind Bakkesmod to get it inside the game.

I have spoken with the Epic Games(EG) dev team, the Bakkesmod(BM) dev team, and on a forum, hundreds of Nvidia Now users who are upset that the others in the RL community have an advantage over us, with Bakkesmods’ support.

EG devs and BM devs have the same thing to say about using BM with Nvidia Now.

“In order to have bakkesmod support within Nvidia Now, they would need to install BM on their own computers, as Nvidia Now is a streaming service, within which you are running the game on their computer.”

We’re begging, work with Bakkesmod and Epic Games to bring FULL Bakkesmod support. BM makes the game more enjoyable, while significantly providing better training and improvement to your gameplay than you would have without it.

If whoever reads this is unsure of anything I’m talking about, Bakkesmod has a Discord where the Devs talk to users, you can simply search it online. (Alpha Console).

Lastly, you can google anything I’ve mentioned and you will be brought up to many many forums and questions and users who can prove my request true as an need in the community.

Thank you.


Welcome to the Nvidia Developer Forums. I suggest posting this in the Geforce forums, as this community is mainly used by developers (not gaming related) and research scientists.