Nvidia NPP version 10.2

Hi, I’m looking to use nvidia npp library version 10.2 so I can use the stream context feature and use NPP within different streams concurrently. The latest jetpack release (4.2.2) contains npp 10.0. I have 2 questions:

  • will npp 10.2 be in the next jetpack release/is there an eta on that?
    -is it possible to update npp to 10.2 manually on the xavier? It looks like that would require updating to cuda 10.1, which I’m not sure is supported on xavier.



The latest JetPack version for Xavier should be JetPack4.3, which still includes CUDA v10.0:

There are some dependencies between packages and GPU driver, which limit you to use the official JetPack support of NPP v10.2.
The CUDA 10.2 will be included in our future release but sorry that we cannot disclosure our schedule here.