Nvidia omniverse code windows build 17763 support


Do you plan to support windows build 17763 for omniverse code IDE?
(currently during install I get an error that the minimal required version is 18362)

I want to try omniverse code a lot, but I have no rtx video card and can only use virtual workstations (azure/aws) with rtx videocard - however the virtual machines are available only with the win server 2019 build 17763.

I need specifically windows virtual machine because I need to use Revit for my PoC.

Having a possibility to use at one of the cloud marketplaces Nvidia RTX virtual workstation with more recent version of windows would also be the solution for me. Maybe this one is already planned?


Hi @dmytro.vakulenko! Welcome to the community! I appreciate you reaching out to us! Let me check with the development team on what their plans are concerning this. I will post back here when I have more information for you!

I was informed that we currently only support the latest version of Windows Server.