NVIDIA OpenCL Driver and SDK Early Access Program

NVIDIA has released an OpenCL driver to developers participating in its OpenCL Early Access Program. We are providing this release to solicit early feedback in advance of a beta release, which we will make available to all registered developers in the coming months.

To enroll in the registered developer program, please visit here. For more info on OpenCL, please visit our OpenCL information page.

Please keep in mind that the current release of our OpenCL driver is currently under NDA and should not be discussed in public forums (including this one).

How works the registered developer program?
I fill the form and has appearead one message that now I don’t remember, but I believe it was someone like form sucessfully submitted
However I don’t fill all fields correctly, for example I don’t wanna give my real phone number.
Will I receive an feedback e-mail saying if everything is OK, or if itsn’t, why it is not?

thank you beforehand, Edward Boszczowski

I’ve already registered as a CUDA developer so I have access to nvdeveloper site. Do I need to fill out the form again to get access to OpenCL early release? Thanks!

You don’t need to register again. If you’re a CUDA registered developer, you will automatically be considered for the OpenCL registered developer program.


I’m a registered developper but I don’t see any OpenCL download links when I log in nvdevelopper site :( . Is there something I should do ? or just wait for update ?

thanks :)


Not all registered developers have access to OpenCL yet. We’ll be expanding the program to all registered developers in the near future.

as a registered developer, will i be notified when i’ll be granted access ?


Yes, you’ll get an email when you have access to the OpenCL files.

I would like to know what the criteria were to discriminate among register members to qualify for testing the OpenCL SDK.
I’d like to think that if a developer was good enough to be approved to test CUDA, it might be also good for OpenCL. What is different?
I was a register user of CUDA but for some reason I found about the OpenCL driver on the net not from Nvidia.

If you look on the CUDA page you will see a message about OpenCL.

What the hell does that means? That does not answer the question I asked?

I repeat.

What was the criterion to discriminate among the people who previously qualify to test CUDA?

What made those people good enought for CUDA and not so much for OpenCL.

Do we have to wait for Microsoft of Intel to come with a solution for HPC?

That means that on the cuda developer page there is a message about OpenCL.

As for the criteria, I have no clue, but guessing: people with lots of (useful) bug reports on CUDA, people they know, …

Keep in mind that this release is an alpha, so we’re keeping access more limited than we do with our CUDA betas. The recent CUDA betas have all been fairly stable and almost production ready–this is obviously rougher around the edges. We’ve released it to a group of early adopters (who we feel confident will actually use it, file bug reports, etc), and we’re intentionally keeping it small compared to things like the CUDA 2.2 beta for the moment so we can keep in constant contact with everyone in the program to prevent problems from going unnoticed on our end or unreported on the other.

As we approach beta, we’ll open it up to all registered developers, and you’ll definitely get an email and see notifications here once that happens.

Well it is your hardware and your SDK.

I guess for, us the less important users, the only choice but to wait for Intel solution with Larrabee and its SDK.

You’ll probably have to wait longer than for a beta of OpenCL :P

All registered developers now have access to OpenCL 1.0 conformance candidate drivers.

And in doing so you are tying your legs to a John Deere tractor, and sit on your buttocks, being slowly pulled forward, while a Ferrari with license plate GT300 whizzes by…

Any timescale on 64bit Linux OpenCL SDK? The 64bit 185.18.08 driver is available, but no corresponding 64bit Linux OpenCL SDK as yet.

As a registered developer where can I find these OpenCL drivers please?

on the developer pages…