NVIDIA Optical Flow - How can I check HW usage

Dear nvidia.
We use nvidia optical flow on RTX Quadro 6000 with deepstream sdk.
In order to leverage nvidia optical flow, we want to examine hardware use.
Is there any idea for checking hw usage?
And is there documents for a number of nvofa chip each gpu like a40, a100, 3090, 3080.

Hi there @manaism and welcome back in the dev forums.

On a very low level you can use nvidia-smi of course, but for more comprehensive insights into your app’s GPU utilization you should look at our developer tools which enables comprehensive profiling options for your hardware.

Those tools can be used for all of our Desktop or Workstation GPUs. For server environments you would need different tools through Enterprise support.

In terms of “documents for a number of nvofa chip” I suppose you want to check out our NVENC/NVDEC support matrix.

I hope that helps answer your question!


Thank you for reply.

I read a link about nvofa. In the link, there is dedicated NVOFA(nvidia optical flow accelerator) engine.

I want to know gpu-support-matrix about NVOFA like nvenc/nvdec and a number of NVOFA engine.

I will try using nsight system for getting the utilization information. Thank you for help.

Hi again,

there is no dedicated matrix with respect to OFA support. Starting with Ampere there is a dedicated hardware path inside the GPU that accelerates optical flow operations. Unlike with NVENC/NVDEC where some models can have additional encode/decode engines, there is only one of these hardware paths.


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