NVIDIA Optimus Linux Support

Currently, two of my laptops have NVIDA GPUs inside them and I’ve been very happy with the driver support in Linux. I run Ubuntu and Kubuntu. On my main laptop with Kubuntu, I’m able to connect to an external high resolution monitor through Displayport and switching from laptop screen to the external monitor with correct resolution is automatic. Very nice!

I’m going to be upgrading my main laptop soon, probably will be buying the Lenovo T410s with switchable graphics. I think it is safe to assume that the T410s is going to include Optimus. My main concern is how well this will be supported in Linux. From what I have read, Optimus is primarily a software implementation. Does anyone know if NVIDIA plans on supporting Optimus in Linux and if this support will be available when Optimus enabled laptops start shipping?

I would definitely love to have Optimus on Linux, too. However I fear this is the wrong forum for that.

We’ve created a Launchpad team called https://launchpad.net/~hybrid-graphics-linux that is a group of hybrid graphics laptop owners and/or developers interested in getting it to work 100% under Linux.

Please subscribe to this team if you are new by clicking on the “Join Team” link at the right of https://launchpad.net/~hybrid-graphics-linux.

Use the mailing list hybrid-graphics-linux@lists.launchpad.net to report on your testing.

We are looking for students with basic Linux kernel/graphics notions interested in applying for the X.org Open Source PRIME multi-gpu support Google Summer of Code 2010:

We are looking for Linux users with Nvidia Optimus-enabled laptops willing to provide debugging information for Open Source PRIME multi-gpu support features being worked on. Please join the team by clicking on “Join” on the right, fill in this doodle:
and send an email to the mailing list specifying your laptop model with these commands:
sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
sudo dmidecode -s system-version
lspci -vnnn | perl -lne ‘print if /^\d+:.+([\S+:\S+])/’ | grep VGA