Nvidia optimus on CentOS 7

Hey everyone, I am here because I am trying to switch to cent-OS from Debian, I have a couple of reasons for doing so, main of all I’ll rather keep same distribution for both home and work.
Now I am running on a custom build laptop coming with a 780M and of course Nvidia Optimus. Now I fought a lot, back in the days with ubuntu and bumblebee, until I jumped on the ubuntu 14.04 wagon and nvidia prime and I can run My opengl stuff, even tho the second monitor suffers of uber low FPS problems that I was still not able to fix.

Now googling around a lot I found out there is not a nvidia-prime package I can install directly like happened for Ubuntu (please prove me wrong here!).
All the setup I saw are bumblebee based, which I would really really rather avoid doing in that bloody bath again.
My question is do I actually have to use bumblebee? My laptop is custom build means it packs a lot of performance and battery life has always been short, but that s not a problem, It s always plugged in, can I disable optimus all together and keep only the 780M running?
What I would really love to do is install latest nvidia driver and get done with it( afraid