Nvidia Optimus Settings - Andy OS


My name is Ghazi Chaieb and I’m part of Andy OS ([url]http://andyroid.net/[/url]) support team ([url]https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndySupport/[/url]). We have a million users growing fast, and the support group is at 10k right now.
Andy is an Android emulator, therefore requires quite a bit of horsepower. On Optimus-equipped systems it helps a lot to have it running with high-performance settings, meaning using the Nvidia GPU instead of Intel’s integrated graphics. But not everyone can manipulate Nvidia’s control panel easily.
Initially, I wanted to make a script that sets a certain .exe to run with Nvidia’s GPU. But that apparently isn’t possible as mentioned by the live chat representative (Question Reference #141019-000201). It is still my first choice.
Alternatively, we would like Andy to have a 3D settings profile in the next driver update, setting it to run with High Performance setting by default. How would I, Ghazi Chaieb, or we, Andy OS Inc., go about doing that?

Thank you for your attention,
Ghazi Chaieb