nvidia parallel nsight 3.0 release candidate not working with VS 2008

I have installed nvidia parallel nsight 3.0 release candidate on a GTX57 single GPU machine. I have Visual Studio 2008. Whenever i set breakpoints in the vertex shader and debug using the "Graphics Debugger" , my Visual Studio just freezes.

I thought single gpu local debugging was available for GLSL shaders with 3.0 release candidate Is that not true?


type above - GTX 570 machine

What driver are you using? I had a similar problem with VS2010 updating the driver to 313.96 or greater solved it, there are compiler fixes that help with symbolic support for GLSL shaders.

I upgraded my driver to 314. But this did not solve my issue - my code is GLSL version 3.30, so wonder if that is why debugging with the graphics debugger is not working. I thought being 4.2 core compliant didn’t necessarily require any changes to 3.3 GLSL code becuase of backward compatibility.