NVidia Photoshop Plugin - Saving Custom MIPs Broken Since Layers Update

Since the recent update to the NVidia Texture Tools Plugin in Photoshop that imports MIPs into layers, the ability to export custom MIPs is broken. If you make a change to any MIP other than 0, and export that with “Generate MIPs” option, it creates all the new MIPs from MIP0 and discards all your changes. If you choose NOT to generate MIPs, the exported DDS file will have 0 extra MIPs.
It seems that the export/save process has not been updated to include the layered info. Granted, having MIPs in layers does make authoring and editing them much easier, but its useless when you cannot save them out into your DDS file.
Thanks for reading, and hopefully this can be resolved. Cheers.