Nvidia Picasso Usage (360 HDRi)

My company is really excited about using your AI services.
I’m interested in “Nvidia Picasso” for a variety of purposes, including creating stunning HDRI images for our existing products, as well as generating new images based on our existing diffusion model.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to use your Picasso services.
My company requested this service 3 months ago, but I have not heard anything yet about its availability.

I’m a bit frustrated because I can see new features like creating HDRI’s here:

However, it cannot actually be used…

Give me some information on how I can use this product if you could get back to me.

Hello again @tomer7.

Thank you for your patience.

Currently only select companies are integrating Picasso into their services and an ETA for general availability is still to be decided.

All I can recommend right now is that you leave your details with the official notification form for Picasso.


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Thank you for your quick response.

After registering, I haven’t heard back from anyone, please come back to me.

Thank you

It might take a bit until you receive the first response. But I will pass your interest on.