NVIDIA plugin for GStreamer framework


We are planning to leverage NVIDIA graphics card on Windows platform for Video decoding and Rendering. We would like to know:

  1. Whether NVIDIA provides any licensed NVIDIA SDK plugin for GStreamer framework?
  2. Whether NVIDIA provides support for NVIDIA SDK plugin for GStreamer?
  3. Whenever NVIDIA release happens, the corresponding GStreamer plugin when will be released ?
  4. How much compatibility NVIDIA SDK is there with GStreamer framework?
  5. What is your suggestion on using NVDEC SDK “directly” vs “through Gstreamer plugin” for Windows platform?
  6. Is there any performance difference between the above mentioned options ?



NVIDIA does not currently have or plans to have plugin for GStreamer framework.
I recommend you to take this up with the Gstreamer development community.


Please see Deepstream nvidia gstreamer plugins including optical flow on linux.