NVIDIA Product Selection

We’re working on an imaging system that we hope will be able to capture and process images at near real time. We’d like to capture the images at a reasonably high resolution, process a selectable sub-part of the image, and reinstall the processed portion of the image for display at as near to video rates as possible.

I had selected a Jetson TX2 and an IMX477 imager as my original choice for the system but am clearly in over my head with the development. I had hoped to plug the camera in, write a little code, and be up and running but that really doesn’t look realistic. In addition, I have recently been looking at the Jetson Xavier NX as an alternative to the TX2 and wonder if that switch would be appropriate?

I would appreciate any insight you might be able to provide as to:

  1. Which processor might be the best selection considering performance and implementation simplicity?
  2. Could you possibly point us to any individuals/organizations that we might be able to collaborate with for the basic elements of this development? Basically to help get us up and running and to the point where I can start writing code. (This one would be really great!)
  3. Would the Arducam CSI-USB UVC Camera Adapter Board simplify the integration of the IMX477 and still provide adequate performance (I know, this part is way ahead of my other two questions but it was on my mind)?

Thanks in advance for your help.