NVIDIA Quadro display adapter failure


I first asked this question in the nvdia forum but was directed to post here instead. I only have a basic knowledge of display adapters so please bear with me. Basic terminology would be appreciated

After working fine for 4 years, my NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 has just failed. It is on a Windows 10 desktop. There was a blue screen and ever since that moment I get garish yellow and blue vertical lines on the screen. When I open Device Manager, the driver has an exclamation mark and the message that Windows has stopped the device (Code 43). Sometimes after booting it doesn’t even show the driver and shows a Windows basic driver instead. I have tried updating the drivers from both windows searching for the latest driver and from downloading from the NVIDIA website but halfway through installing the screen goes blank and I have to switch the machine off and on again. I also tried removing the drivers and letting Windows re-install them on restart but to no avail.

Please help.