Nvidia Quadro for GIS

Hi Everyone!
I’m Thinh in Vietnam Country! A new member of forum.
I’m a staff devolopment marketplace products HP Workstations in Vietnam.
My customer want to buy HP Workstation using ESRI’s Software (design map’s) but I don’t know what to advice my customer of any Nvidia Graphics card may be incompatible.
Through the forum, please the knowledgeable member or the supplier consultant can be advise using these types of graphics on HP Workstations (Nvidia Quadro Series) at the moment of the vendor the compatible with ESRI’s software, so that I can counsel solutions for its customers at the earliest.
In Vietnam, we are the distributor of HP Workstations, we have available what kind of graphics card maker Nvidia order HP Workstations, such as:
Entry 3D
-Nvidia Quadro 400 512 MB Graphics Card.
-Nvidia Quadro 600 1 GB Graphics Card.
Mid-range 3D
-Nvidia Quadro 2000 1 GB Graphics Card.
High End 3D
-Nvidia Quadro 4000 2 GB Graphics Card
Any type of graphics card above have to be compatible, are looking forward to consulting
Many thanks.

I guess google translate does not always work.