NVIDIA Quadro K1200 pc occasionally boots into 640x480 resolution

Win10 Pro 64-bit on a Dell OptiPlex 7060

About every 10+ times my pc is booted it starts up in 640x480px resolution. In Windows’ display settings the resolution drop down is disabled (there are no other resolution options available). Spoke to Windows support and they helped me uncover a temporary resolution:

Device Manager > Display adapters > NVIDIA Quadro K1200 > Update > Browse my computer for driver software (Automatic option does not fix the issue) > Let me pick from a list of available devices on my computer > select “NVIDIA Quadro K1200 Version [7/24/2019]” (latest on menu)

The issue reoccurs after this fix on a later reboot though. I’m trying to rule out the gpu or driver being the source of the issue here.

Video source is connected to a Digital Projection 4k projector. Resolution is set to 4k before powering down.

The integrated graphics chip is Intel UHD Graphics 630.

I am not a computer hardware expert and have about a year’s worth of Windows experience. Any pointers appreciated. Thanks a lot.