NVidia Quadro K4200 is very load


As 3ds Max user I have a HP Z640 dual Xeon, 32 Gb RAM and a NVidia Quadro K4200 4GB RAM videocard.
The last few months the K4200 produces al lot of sound. The files that I use are about 3.5 Gb off size.
When I open the file the card is silent. But when I start to edit the same file after a few minutes the
fan start to rotate at high speed. Temp. off chip 78 degrees. Fanrate see image.
Sometimes I see the message that no open CL device is detected. I use the HP Performance Advisor to
configure the correct drivers. At this moment I use driver 375.86.

What to do about the noisy fan. And the CL error message.

Best regards from me, living in The Netherlands.

3D Designer a.c.e.


Hi guusri996.

For now, you can file a support ticket here:


Ryan Park