NVIDIA Quadro K5200 SDI over fiber

Hi guys, I’m doing SDI over fiber application with K5200, I need to know which SDI standarts K5200 outputs. Is it compatible with SMPTE 424M standart? Since I’m using this SDI fiber extender, i need SMPTE 424M or SMPTE-292M. So if K5200 outputs something else, could you recommend me any other sdi fiber extender? Thank you!

I think that the product you mentioned should work. If it isn’t compatible, their tech support should be able to point you in the right direction. If not, both of these are pretty well liked and common fiber extenders:

http://www.markertek.com/product/rat4-kit1-t-mxlr/telecast-rattler-4-3g-hd-sdi-over-1310nm-st-fiber-optic-transmission-kit or http://thorbroadcast.com/sklep-240/produkt-260

The first ones are by far the most common, but they are a bit pricey so the second ones are more in the price range of your original item.