nvidia quadro k620 for premiere pro cc

Hi! I’m Luca from Italy.
I’m very sorry for my english, I hope that you understand me.

I bought nvidia quadro k620, I added the graphic card in the list cuda_supported_cards.txt in the folder of adobe premiere pro cc.

So, premiere recognise the graphic card(GPU mercury playback engine is selected) but the performance isn’t good at maximum preview resolution, as a matter of fact seems that graphic card not works with real time preview, normally I use filmconvert plug-in and lut with lumetri. I use footage from black magic pocket camera (prores proxy compression).

The processor usage is full and the graphic card is 40% of use.

I have Intel Core i5-3330 @ 3.00 GHz and 8 gigabyte of RAM.

The same situation with rendering of final footage: 40 minutes for to create 4 minutes of video (compressed in mov h264 1920x1080 24fps).

Why graphic card don’t work? Do I need download others drivers? Do I need configure other options in premiere pro cc?


Hi! No advice for me? :) Does this graphic card works fine for première Pro cc or I need other GPU?

There may be nobody intimately familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro reading this forum. You might want to try asking your question(s) in a forum dedicated to that product.

I would expect a file named cuda_supported_cards.txt to merely describe which GPUs are supported by the software. If so, manually adding a card to that file probably does nothing. The Quadro K620 is a low-end professional card, this might limit its utility for use with Adobe Premiere Pro. You may want to consider contacting Adobe tech support to inquire about this.

Hi! Thank you for your messagge! :)
When I bought this graphic card I had read this datasheet (link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6o6fCcZXDYQVGhoRldTeF83bzA/view) and there was write that quadro k620 has a dedicated h264 encoder. I’m conscious that a entry level graphic card isn’t like good as a professional card, but I hoped that it was faster than only processor encode.
However, I try to write on Adobe Premiere Pro forums! :)