Nvidia Quadro Virtualization

I read a lot of articles about support of virtual GPU technologies, like

but i still can’t find worked solution.

I have MacBook pro 15 late 2013. With Iris pro and GT750.

Now i want connect my Quadro 4000 throught thundendbolt -> pci-e adapter. Akitio thunder 2.
And run Windows guest OS on virtual machine (Parallels or VmWare) with full acelerated GPU. For using DirectX 11 and Cuda features.

Theory says that its possible by technology vDga. Direct paththrought one pci-e GPU to one VM.
And some time ago Nvidia released driver 361.90 with support for external thunderbolt gpu.
But all of this don’t give answer how to do that on practice?

Support of Parallels told me that gpu virtualization is not possible.
And forum TechInferno where a lot of discussions and experiments about eGpu also told me that it’s not possible.

Please explain me where is my mistake?