NVIDIA Quantun ESPRESSO hello world

Hi, yesterday I used NVIDIA Quantum ESPRESSO container:

, and tried to run the “hello world example”, the AU surface example suggested.
However, there were memory problems when running. I found a post:

and It seemed the minimum GPU memory should be > 32G ? cause it says:
“Ausurf is not that small of a system, you need at least 32 GB or 2x16 GB
to run it”, and I use two rtx2080ti gpu cards (2x 11G = 22G),

If this is why, can anyone kindly provides me a testing example (or links) before I
figure out how to write an input file for a system with less number of atoms?

I also attach the output log file.
qe_log.txt (14.4 KB)

Thank you!

You’re likely to find more people who are familiar with QE and with datasets for QE on the QE users forum.