NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.4 is now available

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.4 is now available for download in the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.
This release adds improvements to the GPU bottleneck analysis workflow, introduces support for frame debugging of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, adds support for Windows 10 RS2 & Visual Studio 2017 project generation, and provides a number of workflow and performance improvements.

Take a look at some of the highlights in the new NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.4 release:

 • Improvements to the [b]Range Profiler[/b] that provides instant [b]GPU bottleneck analysis[/b]
   	○ Identify expensive GPU workloads using [b]time-based range selector scaling[/b]
   	○ View and compare any GPU metrics with [b]user configurable graphs[/b]
   	○ [b]More visualization options[/b] for viewing profiling results
   	○ Improved state navigation directly from profiling results with [b]Event links[/b]
 • [b]Serialized frame captures[/b] now generate [b]Visual Studio 2017[/b] projects and solutions
 • [b]Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP)[/b] applications are now supported by the graphics Frame
 • [b]Windows 10 RS2[/b] is now supported in all aspects of graphics and compute trace and profiling, on all supported GPUs, and in Microsoft Hybrid mode on laptops
 • Support for CUDA Toolkit 9.0 RC
 • Bug fixes and performance improvements, including
   	○ Improved UI performance thanks to more intelligent shader caching
   	○ Improved Resources View responsiveness on applications with high texture counts
   	○ Improved Vulkan application stability

For a complete overview of all Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition features and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition page.

Nsight Visual Studio Edition Overview:

See all the new features of the Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.4 and download it today!
New Features: [url]https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-visual-studio-edition-5_4-new-features[/url]

To download this version, you must be a member of the NVIDIA Developer Program and signed into your account: [url]https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-visual-studio-edition-downloads[/url]

I can’t get the cpu usage in Timeline ,my windows version is windows 10 pro insider preview build 17025


I’m sorry for the problem you met, please provide more information for investigating the problem:

  • GPU, driver info
  • the version of Visual Studio
  • Did the issue happen with any samples?
  • Can we have your sample to do some local repro, then we can identify the crash quickly?


my GPU is quadro k2200,driver is 385.54
visual studio is professional 2017 ,versioin 15.4.3
the issue happens with every samples
i don’t know how to give you sample,but i believe it will be the windows version ,because after i update the windows 10 to insider preview build 17025.1000 ,then it can’t work.now i have stopped the windows update.

Hi 798634436,

Thanks for your information.
I’m sorry Nsight 5.4 doesn’t support WIN10 RS4.


I am looking forward to nsight 5.X ^_^

I also have problems with version 5.4 … it will connect and immediately disconnect. Windows 10 version is 1709 release build 16299.125

I upgraded to NSight Visual Studio, and while debugging DX apps still work, it crashes each time I do GPU debugging for an OpenGL app (even a basic triangle app). Any ideas what’s wrong? I’ve tried VS 2010, 2012, 2015, all with the same results.


Hi hiya83,

I’m sorry for the problem you met.
NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.5 is now available, please check it again with Nsight 5.5.
Please tell us if the issue still existed with Nsight 5.5.