NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition---not find local and memory option


My Gpu is GTX 960M,I installed nvidia toolkit 8.0 in the wind10,and I can see the Nsight option in the visual studio 2013.

In the Nvidia Nsight Visual Studio Edition User Guide,the local and memory option from nsight menu is good to debug the

cuda program,but I could not find in the visual studio 2013.What should I do ?


Nope, you cannot see cpu variables in cuda debugger, also you cannot see the gpu variables in visual studio debugger, the only solution is next-gen debugger which only works on Tesla or Quadro pascal, volta cards.

Hi, lihuayang6

Can you answer below questions firstly ?

  1. Which version of Nsight are you using ?
  2. Which option exactly are you expecting ?
  3. You can not debug CUDA program now ?

1.the vision of Nsight visual studio edition is 5.2
2.the local and memory option from nsight menu
3.I can debug the cuda program