Nvidia RTX 3070 TI + Nvidia Tesla P100

Hello i have buyed me an Nvidia Tesla p100 and already have an RTX 3070 TI in my pc,

i got it already to get the P100 Recogized by Windows 10, i know i try to get an Data Center GPU into my Workstation pc. at the end i sitting here

i get both to running but the P100 onyl in TCC mode and dunno how i set Both to WDDM, my Target is to use the Tesla in a Docker/WSL to Train and Interference LLM´s from hugginface , and still can play games with my RTX on the Host .

have anyone a solution for my problem ? i already found alot of Posts peoples got something like the K80 or the M40 to running… and i know the P100 is not meant to be runn on a workstation. but in my bios i have already setup “Above 4G” etc etc

and nvidia-smi shows me the card too but in TCC.

can any one pls help me.