NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager and virtual displays full screen capability

I can’t believe I am posting this in 2021.

I emailed NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager software development team multiple times with no luck.

The requirement is very simple: with virtual displays that you can create in NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager (i.e. previously known as Nvidia nView), allow full screen capability within the virtual display.

That is, say you drag a browser window and maximize it in a virtual display, that works fine. But if you hit F11 and go full screen; it occupies the whole physical screen.

This is not impossible to make. a 35$ software called iShadow Virtual Display Manager (VDM) does that already, but i find it a bit buggy and conflicts with some applications (stuff like teamviewer, logitech software etc).

I have mentioned this in a previous post before NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager was released, link for the post here

Why this is important? simple, becuase it is very useful to you have multiple RDP sessions, all maximized into it’s own virtual display, and you can seamlessly move across them. or have a work space where you have productivity in one virtual display, and a local video or youtube playing in full screen inside another virtual display.

Any thoughts? anyone finds this usefull? how easy to implement such an option in Nvidia RTX Desktop Manager?

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