Nvidia RTX Quadro A6000 Graphics driver issue while opening ISAAC SIM

We are facing RTX engine creation failed while opening ISAAC SIM. We are using ASUS Studiobook ProArt (RTX Quadro A6000) and we have installed Ubuntu 20.04 in that laptop. Post Installing, Omniverse launcher and downloading ISAAC Sim in laptop we tried to launch ISAAC SIM but we are getting driver issues. Screenshot attached for reference.

Note - We have followed all the instructions from official Nvidia omniverse webpage while installing the supported drivers for Ubuntu.

Hi. Please hare the output of nvidia-smi and the Isaac Sim logs.
Yes, this looks like a driver or xconfig issue and the app is not selecting the correct GPU.
Take a look at Linux Troubleshooting — Omniverse Robotics documentation.
Try temporarily disable your intel iGPU at the BIOS too.

@tanzimkhan55 , were you able to resolve the issue by following instructions provided in earlier message?