Nvidia SDK finally on Ubuntu 22.04, but what's the point?

So Ubuntu 22.04 is finally supported for the SDK manager 1.9, but what’s the point? There aren’t any 22.04 images to flash anyways, so I still need a machine running 20.04? (even 18.04 for flashing the Jetson Nano).

The “Drive OS” hardware used with autonomous vehicles uses this. Same front end GUI, different back end flash software.

Is there any hope for flash image releases for 22.04? Flashing the Orins doesn’t work with 18.04 or 20.04 running as VMs in VMware.

No 22.04. However, the problem with the flash is VMware, not the Orin. Every VM manufacturer has different setup, and NVIDIA does not support VMs (in part for that reason…it is up to the VM manufacturer and person installing via VM to configure things correctly). Basically, USB disconnects and reconnects during a flash, but a VM tends to lose the USB and not reacquire correctly. A native Ubuntu 18.04 host PC is suggested for flashing a TX2 (which does not support JetPack/SDKM 5.x+), or Ubuntu 20.04 for flashing an Orin.

OK. I have been successfully flashing the Xavier NX with a 20.04 VM so didn’t think there should be any reason the Orins would have a problem. Not thrilled, but dual boot it is!

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