NVIDIA SDK Manager Old Version

We would like to ask to get Old version of SDK manager.

We need to do test for installing Jetpack 3.3 with Old version of SDK Manager.

Please use " sdkmanager --archivedversions ".

If the release you need predates what is in “--archivedversions”, then you might see if what you want is here:

Sorry, I do not understand your comments.
You mean I have to input command $ sdkmanager --archivedversions on the terminal.


Just some added explanation: Normally JetPack/SDKM only offers to install the current (most recent) release as of the time that JetPack/SDKM was created. Starting it on command line with “--archivedversions” lets you pick from a list, but it is still JetPack/SDKM.

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