NVIDIA Sekonix SF3323 Camera test

Hello NVIDIA Support Team,
I want to see the camera data on display. For that i first need to deserialize the data and for that i am using deserializer board. I am applying 8v to camera module SF3323 via Coax. The camera is not responding. How can i test the working of Camera?

I thank you in advance.

Kind Regards
Naeem Ahmad

Dear nahmad,

Did you purchase the camera module NVIDIA distributor?
I’m not sure why you are using deseializer board instead of DPX2. Thanks.

I thank you for your reply.

I didn’t get the camera module from NVIDIA distributor. I am student and doing thesis in a company and company provided me camera.
My work is to do video processing using FPGA and for that i need deserialized data. So I am using MAX96706 deserializer board in front of camera. After providing power to camera and its interface with deserializer board via coax cable, i connect the deserializer board to PC but the GUI “MAXSerDesEV-N” only shows the parameters of deserializer MAX96706 board and there is no parameter for serializer MAX96705.

Can you please help me regarding configuration of my setup? I don’t have any configuration information regarding camera so i am unable to proceed my work.
Thank you in advance.