Nvidia Self-Drive Cars "Contact Us" form not working

Hi. I’m having some problems using the “Contact Us” form on the Self-Driving Cars page. It looks like a server side issue, but there are no feedback when submitting to the form.
How do I get in contact with the Self-Driving Cars Partner program when the form is not working? I have written Nvidia directly with no answer and chat support tells me that I should try the forum.


Browser console error, when submitting:



Thanks for reaching out. I am looking into this now. I will get back to you, or have someone from the Drive team reply to you here in the thread.



What symptoms are you seeing when you try to submit the form, besides the errors that show in the inspector?


Hi Fred,

There is no symptoms, like as in there are no feedback when the form is filled out and submit is pressed. If the form is filled out incorrectly (empty fields etc.) there is correct feedback with “This field is required” - but that looks like it’s javascript and not through REST. The console throws the error the first time I press submit, after that there is nothing.

I have tried different external IPs, Safari and Chrome on MacOS and Firefox on Linux on a few different machines.

Is it working on your end?


Hi Fred,

Still nothing? Is there another way to get in touch with the self-driving team? Just a plain email address or something?

The person who can investigate was out until today. I’ll ping her again.