nvidia-settings 375.10 - libXNVCtrlAttributes/NvCtrlAttributesNvml.c:36:18: fatal error: nvml.h: No such file or directory

In previous versions everything related to nvml.h was masked, but this version of nvidia-settings expects it to be already present, somehow.

See also https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=597998 which is held up because we install the driver and -settings as one package.

I’ve rev-bumped my Gentoo nvidia-driver install to 375.10. But I’ve had to build it without the settings GUI (which is pretty essential IMHO)… The driver appears to work fine apart from this issue.

The lack of nvml.h was an oversight in the packaging step. I ported the fix (plus a few other fixes) to the GitHub mirror of nvidia-settings, so you could build from that or cherry-pick the fix as a patch in your Gentoo ebuild.

Alternatively, you could use the pre-built binaries from the .run package.

nvml.h fix:

All the changes I pushed on Friday:

These fixes should all be in the next official release.

Thanks Aaron,

that’s fixed the 375.10 issues (since we can just download the nvml.h header file in the ebuild).