nvidia-settings does not create xorg.conf with matching currently applied settings


I want to use only a part of my monitor as X Screen and use nvidia-settings to configure this:

  • Select Advanced
  • Change ViewPortIn to desired region wxh
  • Change ViewPortOut to desired region and position wxh+x+y
  • Avoid panning by setting Panning to wxh
  • Select Apply

At this point I get the desired X Desktop with size wxh at monitor position +x+y without panning or scaling. Unused space is just black. Fine!

  • Now “Save to X Configuration File” basically creates this one interesting line (others are default):
    Option “metamodes” “nvidia-auto-select +0+0 {viewportout=2528x1980+1304+0}”

There is no mention of panning or viewportin in the xorg.conf file.

If I restart X now with , I still get the same X Desktop, but now with panning of the full monitor area. I dont want that panning.

I experimented a lot with metamode settings using explicit monitor sizes, panning areas, viewportin and PanningTrackingArea, but no luck so far. I cannot reproduce the result of “Apply” in nvidia-settings with xorg.conf.

My question is: Which settings in xorg.conf do I have to use to get the same status I get after pressing Apply as described above?

I use driver 440.36 on a 1650 Super - but I dont think this is really specific to driver or card.

Thanks for any input!