Nvidia-Settings panel is Blank (linux)

Hii, I recently installed nvidia 470 in ubuntu 20.04 (gpu => mx130) via the additional driver application but the nvidia-setting panel seems to be blank. So I purged the driver files and installed it again but still no chance. The output of nvidia-smi is NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running..
Here’s is log file nvidia-bug-report.log (455.0 KB)
result of echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE is wayland.
Please help

Make sure you disabled secure boot from BIOS/Uefi.

@VulkanGuy Acutally I am currently on legacy and the secure boot option is not available in that. Also I can’t just change my bios from legacy to uefi because apparently it’s a thing in acer laptops. Have you read the log btw??

When I’ve encountered this it was because the nvidia device didn’t have an associated screen. A screen can be added manually via an xorg.conf file, but be aware a manual configuration overrides all automatic config so it can break other things if they’re not also included in the .conf. Alternatively I’ve read that if in use the Optimus (iirc) GPU switcher may be picking the wrong device and the nvidia apps need to be launched with the appropriate device select command prepended.

@dreamer.redeemer I don’t understand clearly can you tell me more clearly as of what I should do. I mean the commands and stuff.